Friday, September 10, 2010

Ambiguity and Insinuation - Wendy Whitson

For the upcoming show "Elements & Atmosphere", Wendy Whitson has been treating us with samples of her work that will soon come down to Charleston from her studio in Asheville. Incorporating a muted, earthy, often, tonalist palette, Wendy's paintings bring a new edge to the Wells Gallery offering, and exemplifies why collectors have warmly embraced her work.

She says "Ambiguity and insinuation, the point of intersection where the earth meets the sky, the mountains become the sky, water ends and sky begins, is extremely intriguing and satisfying to paint."

"I want my paintings to draw the viewer in - to have them feel that they are present in, or want to enter into, the painted space", says Whitson.

Wendy begins each painting with a random grid to hint at the structure she sees in all of nature. " I have always been interested in how thing fit and work together," say Whitson. "The random grid I use in my underpaintings, is symbolic to me of the backdrop of nature, of how things are interrelated, organized and structured." Check out Wendy Whitson's biography or more of her works at our Kiawah Gallery .

Saturday, September 4, 2010

"Artists Helping Artists" Symphony Auction

What I love about Charleston is how willing the locals are to take their god-given talents and put them to good use by giving back to the community. The generosity in this city is what seems to get everyone through the hard times. The people of Charleston know that if they give when they can, one day, if they are in need, the favor will be returned. This is just a small thank you to three of our artists who are doing just that. Kevin LePrince, Laurie Meyer and Rick Reinert have donated a few of their wonderful paintings to help the Charleston Symphony Orchestra. The painting will be going into an auction to raise money to keep the Symphony alive and well. We encourage you to join this effort by attending the auction on October 9th at the Charleston Place Hotel. For more details, go to Charleston Symphony Auction 2010 . The Wells Gallery would like to say thank you to our artists, you make it an honor to have you as part of the family.

For a preview of the works by our artists going up for auction, here is a little sneak peak.

"In Concert" by Kevin LePrince 24(h) x 72(w)

"A Little Night Music" by Laurie Meyer

"February Sunlight" by Rick Reinert