Thursday, March 24, 2011

About the Artist - {Sally Tharp}

How would you define your style of painting? 
I would describe my style as realism,  but not photorealism.  I want to convey my feelings about what I am painting versus duplicating an image.

How long have you been painting?
I have been paining full time for 2 1/2 years.  

What do you hope to express through your work?
I hope to show a warmth, softness and beauty of things in which most people wouldn't expect to find it.  And by magnifying things and painting them on a larger scale, I am giving them an importance that comes with that size.

How many hours a day are spent in your studio/ What would a typical viewer see if they observed you in your studio? 
I am in the studio every day.  On most days, I am there all day and other days as much as I can sneak away!  My studio is an out building at our house, so I can be available to kids but still working.  My studio is full of my "treasures"!  (That isn't what my husband calls them :) )  I am so blessed to have a creative environment with so much inspiration!  I usually have many canvases sitting around in various stages of completion and still life fodder and bottles and jars everywhere.  I have all my window sills lined with rocks and bottles and I have a huge old bar back that is perfect for storing everything else.  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Common Question - How to collect artwork

We often have people come in and ask us how to collect artwork. Our first response is to collect the works that you love, and the paintings that move you. If you are going to be enjoying these works for years, then they should continue to make you react in some positive way on a daily basis. When asked for more in depth about how to collect, we suggest always doing your research on the artist. Here is a great link to help you gather information and start your research. Of course our best suggestion of all is to get out of the house and visit the local art galleries, check out the new works in person. There is a lot lost in translation when looking at fine art work from an image on a computer screen. Let us know your words of wisdom on this matter, share with us your suggestions for new art collectors.