Saturday, February 4, 2012

Featuring Russell Gordon: Month of February

The Wells Gallery welcomes Russell Gordon
Featured artist for February
Artist’s Reception Friday February 24th 5-8pm

CHARLESTON, South Carolina (January 26) The Wells Gallery will host an Artist’s Reception for Russell Gordon on February 24thfrom 5:00 until 8:00.  The gallery is always open to the public and we invite you to take the time to see the masterful detail of this American painter.  

Born in 1968, Russell Gordon received his undergraduate and graduate art education at the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore.Gordon's works evoke an old world feel but often with a decidedly contemporary twist. These richly detailed and carefully composed paintings reflect the Dutch Golden Era and Italian Renaissance sensibilities, yet remind us that simple and natural beauty are timeless and unchanged. Often combining layered symbolism and a subtle wit, Russell builds each work with carefully applied layers of oil paint and a strong sense of light and dark. Worked directly from life, the paintings invite the eye into windows of alternate but convincing reality without hesitation or reluctance.

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